My father often told us about his school days.

I never wanted to do that.

Rob talked to Floyd's neighbors and asked them if they knew where she'd gone.

Shyam's proposal wasn't acceptable.

Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.

I have to say I admire your spirit.


Don't forget to call your mom.


I'm just an average girl.

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I told you Francis was crazy.

Everybody knew, but I didn't care.

I am shearing the sheep.

Is Audrey your nephew?

I'll ask Lloyd about Charles tonight.

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I'm sitting home alone.

I can't fault you for that.

He isn't lonely anymore.

Raanan is shy around strangers.

I don't want to disturb them.


Maybe I can give you one.

Gerald once again tried on all the clothes she had bought the day before.

There's no way one that big is going to go on a bike's luggage rest.


What were you doing last night?

The future belongs to God.

The church stands on a hill.


Keep abreast with the times.

My nationality is Polish.

I don't have to call anybody.


The old selection process for judges was very unfair.


Think carefully before you promise anything.

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How often do you have your piano lessons?


He lies to me all the time.

Material wealth often goes hand in hand with social deprivation.

I'll repeat the most important ideas.


Let's try to stop that from happening.

Dylan asked me to think it over.

Case isn't like me.

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Nobody likes crybabies.

The cellphone is an invention we can't live without.

Better luck next time.

We should be with you.

I'll turn the power on.

I worked in a post office during the summer vacation.

He caught a large trout.

I want her kept away from here.

That may be difficult.

The research cast new light on the issue.

Don't do anything hasty.


The Tigers lost the game, which was a surprise to us.

Please come to see us at our new place.

May I talk to you?


Long live the King!

I don't see Roger doing that.

Is French more difficult than English?

It's only going to get worse now.

Are you really going to ask Irwin to the prom?

Let's clean the garden, shall we?

I think you're quite right.

She was leading her grandmother by the hand.

Alcoholics' children are more likely to have drinking problems.

She had chosen to succumb to parental pressure.

The wounds are healing.

The plane made a forced landing.

Honey, I know the budget is tight, but do you think we could splurge a bit and have a night out at a fancy restaurant this weekend?

That tie looks good on you.

The wheel began to turn.


I'm going to show you the photo.

I wish I could be more specific.

Pamela and Sehyo weren't listening to music.

He attends meetings off and on.

He is leading a fast life.

Nobody cares for me.

You must keep quiet.

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The pain was unbearable.


I'll come straight to the point. You're fired.

What'll you do with Angela?

Coleen called to ask if we needed any help.

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We'll make a lawyer out of you yet.

I could not understand.

Felix wanted to fire Rod, but John stopped him.

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Jayesh is eager to press on.

He resigned from his office.

She said to me "Let's go shopping."

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We at least must make a struggle for freedom.


I'm going to need some more time.

Tell me, tell me.

Visual learners are often helped by visual representations in their own notes.


I will return for you in 20 minutes.

Why are people afraid of him?

I had bad results this year.

Quite apart from the concerns surrounding this injustice itself, it seems grotesque that this situation has been brought about by a committee whose very purpose of existence is the defence of women's rights and equal opportunities.

Her answer was incorrect.


They call you Sue.


Russian speech without swearing turns into a report.

Jordan is called "Al-Urdun" in Arabic.

He wiped the sweat off his face.


Mr. Curtis, won't you please sit down again?

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After he had finished his work, he would read and study by the fireside.


She wasn't dancing with him then.

Has the flat got a garden?

Don't release that dog.

I have not got rid of my bad cold yet.

Please tell them what they need to do.

Could you please say that once again in French?

The atmosphere in this restaurant is nice.

German Shepherds have beautiful bushy tails.

Jane had a very boring weekend.

They're holding a clearance sale.

You never say what you really think.

He was a good friend of mine.

Hein only makes about half as much as Harmon does.

Adrian calls me every day.

They're taking us for cash cows.

We hit the right road in the dark.

I covered my ears.


This will never happen again.


Such a thing has happened many a time to me.

Is that why you won't help them?

Connie really didn't want to go to jail.

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Let's just waste some time around here.


That'll take a couple hours.

There remain only a few ruins.

Advertisements for discounts and sales constantly arrive on Herbert's mobile phone.


She's three years older than me.

The absent saint gets no candle.

We think this will work well.

You feel much better when you get enough rest every night.

Philip saved the last bullet for himself.

He had to commit crime because he was starving.

I thought Spock would love it.

I got a letter from Elsa.

Oh, my God!


Mr Hoshino is hard to please.

He slapped my ass.

Pitawas must've gone out.

It's a puzzle to me how such a stupid guy ever got through college.

Buy yourself something to eat.


May I speak with Judy?

Which one do you think Sanjeev is going to buy?

That makes you happy, doesn't it?


Tell me what Rich took with him.

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The whiskey was horrible.

Call a policeman.

Since you are no longer a child, you are to take care of yourself.

I must be away on urgent business.

There must be an explanation.

Boston is a wonderful city.

Your present trouble is on my mind all the time.

Remember Lockerbie!

Do you ever have to work on Sundays?

It wouldn't kill you to be nice to me.

But that's not the point.

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Paula thought it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

Don't you want to know the reason?

Ken loved William, you know.


Did your father hug you much when you were a kid?

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I'm going to let Marguerite respond.

The sun shines in the daytime and the moon at night.

I cannot draw a car. It's too difficult.

If it had been important, I would've done it.

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty girl.